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The collaborative art team of Ethan Bach, J Craig Tompkins and Charles Veasey are pleased to announce that The Royal Road Project will open as part of a larger exhibition that focuses on science and technology. The exhibition entitled Composites: Technology & New Media Become Art, open today, October 25 and runs until April 25, 2014 at the Science Museum Oklahoma at 2100 NE 52nd Street. The entrance is free.

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The artists spent days shooting along the El Camino Real Trail de Tierra Adentro from El Paso, Texas to Taos, New Mexico documenting the trail at least every 15 miles. The trail, which began as an Indigenous foot path, became a treacherous road for the first Spanish settlers. Wagons and trains followed. Travelers now speed down I-25 running parallel to one of the most significant trails in early North American history without even a thought. The Royal Road Project encourages one to take time, slow down and understand the beauty and contemplate it’s history and the complexity of contemporary cultural relationships of New Mexicans and beyond.

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The Royal Road Project is an interactive digital installation created from video, audio, custom made software and a unique panoramic monitor. Artists Bach, Tompkins and Veasey have worked together in innovative media projects since 2006. Together, their media creations, including a documentary on Transgender individuals, an online geolocative sound map, and interactive video and audio installations, have been shown nationally and internationally at locations including the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Santa Fe Complex, Aqua Art at Art Basel Miami and Electrocuciones Electrocution in Madrid.

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The Royal Road Project premiered at the the Centennial Project Space in Santa Fe, New Mexico and two projectors to map the video to meet in the corner of two adjacent walls. At Aqua Art, the artists premiered a customized panoramic monitor which offers a plug and play ease of use that incorporates the interactivity of the original piece.This unique panoramic monitor will be shown at the Bataan Memorial Building as well as El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe.

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For more information about The Royal Road Project, please visit the link. To inquire about scheduling the work for a show or for other inquires including sales, please contact Ethan Bach at


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