The Royal Road Project is an interactive digital installation that journeys through one of the most significant trails in early North American history, the El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro. This installation creates visceral temporal shifts as one travels the length of the trial through landscapes comprised of panoramic images, video, and audio.

Artists Ethan Bach, J. Craig Tompkins, and Charles Veasey spent a year developing the Royal Road Project, including an intensive week of videography, photography, and field recording. During that time, they stopped every 15 miles between El Paso, TX and Taos, NM to collect images, audio, and locative data. The interval was chosen to mimic the early expeditions of trade caravans and spanish colonialists. Travelers in a caravan along the trail might travel 10 miles a day on the six month journey, often staying within eyesight of their last camp.